Cyber Investigations

Your enemies attack and steal, then hide in cyberspace.

Everywhere the news focuses on national cybersecurity and hackers. Scams abound. But there are other business problems presented by the anonymity of the Internet.  Rumors emerge to severely damage brands or foment opposition. Internal leaks ruin reputations. Valuable intellectual property is illegally bought and sold through ‘anonymous’ chat forums.

As experienced cyber-investigators, our focus is on finding the real culprits.

I-OnAsia’s skilled team of cyber team uses fresh approaches to spot the real world location of on-line enemies. The truth is revealed by I-OnAsia using new forms of on-line research. We do not simply check stale public records databases. We hunt for on-line footprints and use sophisticated link analysis and geolocation tracking. The result is kinetic: creating energy that can resolve difficult problems.