Whether the ‘offspring’ is in college or your new JV partner, people you trust can do bad things.

The trusted local distributor or CFO appointed to monitor your new investment are corrupted. The child you send off to school is duped into a scheme that is far too good to be true. Your investee’s real estate investments go south and cash is siphoned from operations. Your local OEM makes a few extra dollars by selling your products on the black market. Bogus promises dupe you into complacency. We’ve seen it all before.

Breaches of trust can lead to huge financial losses. The emotional strain can feel terrible. Our monitoring services are designed to identify problems before they cause lasting damage.

I-OnAsia is well etablished, with global reach and a highly competitive cost structure. We have a clear eyed understanding of the risks. I-OnAsia’s world class investigative consultants are discreet. Let us create an efficient monitoring program for you when you are not around.