Personal Protection Equipment

I-OnAsia is well known for its risk management services business for over 15 years, proudly headquartered in Hong Kong we have also established ourselves as a leading provider of surveillance and protection services to our global clients.

Recently requests for personal security devices as well as corporate security assistance has increased dramatically.

In response to this demand I-OnAsia has decided to offer a well selected assortment of high end security and surveillance devices online.

Our services is discreet and confidential and under every item you will find a brief description of our key products.

Should you be looking for something specific then please do call use to discuss your needs.

To compliment this service, I-OnAsia has the latest de-bugging equipment for your office, residence, car or cellphone.

All our staff have received relevant training and are certified by the USA’s leading manufacturer of bug sweep equipment.

In 2016 alone in the Hong Kong commercial market, I-OnAsia detected 16 listening devices planted in major corporations and law firms.

Technology has brought bugs and GPS tracking devices to an affordable even throwaway cost level and with the combination of pre-paid SIM cards in unison, personal information has never been at such risk.

We hope you enjoy our selection which we shall endeavour to update often and seek your advice as to what is in demand from the corporate and high net worth sectors.