Retired FBI Hero Joins I-OnAsia as Corporate Brand Ambassador

I-OnAsia is pleased to announce that Mr. Wesley Wong will represent the company as its Corporate Brand Ambassador.

Mr. Wong retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Senior Executive in 2006.  After his retirement, Mr. Wong held senior positions at Acxiom Corporation, EDS/HP and the Boeing Corporation.  Mr. Wong is currently a Senior Advisor to the U.S. Special Operations Command and the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command.  He remains involved at the FBI Academy and is a Senior Fellow of Advanced Antiterrorism Studies at the Air Force Special Operations School.  Mr. Wong is also involved with several non-profit organizations and serves on the board of the National Corvette Museum and its NCM Motorsports Park. 

Mr. Wong was the FBI on-scene commander at Ground Zero on 9/11 and subsequently set up the largest Fusion Center in the Bureau’s history.  In June, 2002, Mr. Wong was promoted to Assistant Special-Agent-In-Charge, Counter-Intelligence Division.  During his FBI career Mr. Wong was involved in many investigations of Organized Crime and Asian Gang matters, as well as high profile investigations of John Gotti, the 1993 World Trade bombing, TWA 800, the 2000 Millennium bomb plot, and 9/11.  Mr. Wong also had various responsibilities at the FBI in New York relating to overseeing Information Systems, Evidence Response, Electronic Technicians, and the Electronic Surveillance Program.

“Wes is an American hero and we are so very pleased to have him represent I-OnAsia in the States,” said Mr. Derek Elmer, I-OnAsia’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Wes is unique: he was successful as a leader at the FBI and he has been successful post-retirement at America’s largest companies.  His skills and experience remain in demand.  We are excited by his capacity to help I-OnAsia’s clients solve tomorrow’s problems.”