Who we serve

Doing business around the world brings with it a host of risks and complexities. In addition to navigating a different language and culture, organizations often face unfamiliar and inadequate political structures, shady business practices, and a systemic, established criminal element.

I-OnAsia understands the challenges of working in a global marketplace, and has a well-deserved reputation as a trusted, confidential provider of reliable risk management and security services.

We work with some of the world’s most successful law firms, business people, and public and private sector companies, to help them achieve their strategic goals, wherever they do business. Real world field research is frequently augmented with a cyber component.

Our clients encompass industries such as:

    • Legal – Lawyers, law firms, and legal departments for commercial and criminal matters
    • Finance – Pre-IPO, inbound and outbound M&A, fraud investigations
    • Technology & Communications – Competition, acquisitions, IPR, unfair trade
    • Manufacturing & Retail – KYC, FCPA, SOX, as well as internal & external fraud investigations
    • Education – Security audits, secret shoppers, exam development security, IP protection, event response
    • Gaming – Casinos, investors and regulatory agencies